Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review of iPad Apps: Photos and Maps - Episode 131

In this video, D.Lee Beard reviews the Photos and Maps applications on the iPad and how they can work together. He also demonstrates how to take a screen capture of image of what you see on your iPad. (12min 57sec).
Click Here to Play Episode 131


techboi53 said...

Thanks for the review D Lee.In fact it appeared you were having more problems then Steve Jobs was having when he introduced the new iphone 4g.Due to your review and your showing the ipads limitations,i have decided to hold off buying one till maybe a second gen model or maybe waiting for a competitor tablet to come out.Must give you credit for not removing the sections where the ipad wasn`t doing exactly what you wanted it to do,most Apple video reviews would never allow these problems to show up in the finished vid review.Great show,keep up the great work!

D.Lee Beard said...

Techboi53, thanks for the comment.

I think it is good to show the limitations as well as the potentials of anything I review. I'm not as concise as many others, but I do try to be thorough and honest.

I think waiting until the next generations is probably a good idea especially with what we've seen from the new iPhone 4. I doubt there will be a revised model before Christmas, but I would expect the new iPad model to come out about January.