Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iPad In-Depth Review - Ep. 127

D.Lee Beard reviews the new Apple iPad including physical features, the Apple iPad black case, and compares it to the Amazon Kindle, and iPod Touch. (21min 4sec)

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Anonymous said...

Every review complains about not being able to print from the iPad. This is not the case.

Check the iTunes store for the following App's:
Print n Share
Print Magic
ACT Printer
Active Print

All the programs, were there before the iPad came out. And still reviewers claim that there is no way to print from the iPad.
Please check your facts before trying to educate the public. Thanks.

D.Lee Beard said...

The iPad does not print with these apps. It sends the file to another computer which then prints. If you don't have another computer up with special software installed and able to let your iPad connect, you cannot print. The iPad itself cannot print. It can only send a file to a "real" computer which can then print the document.

This is why reviewers keep saying the iPd cannot print.

Technically, I can use a VNC program, like LogMeIn, to log into my computer and run Photoshop, but no one seriously believes that I am running Photoshop "on the iPad". I would just be accessing a computer which can run photoshop ...more akin to a terminal than to a real computer in this case.