Friday, December 04, 2009

Episode 107: Pt. 4 of 7 iMovie 09 - Working With Audio

In this video, D.Lee Beard explains how to add music and iMovie sound effects to your video project, how to duck the audio of specific tracks, how to fade audio in and out including adjusting how quickly it fades in or out, how to separate the audio from a video clip and move elsewhere or delete altogether, and how to add your own narrations to your video projects using iMovie 09. Recorded in November 2009, 8:25 duration.
Click Here to Play Episode 107


Holy said...

Wow thats was fantastic, mind blowing information,you are really very nice job sharing this very important things with us which can be very beneficiary.

dsi r4

D.Lee Beard said...

Holy, thanks for the comment. I'm glad you found it helpful and appreciative that you took the time to comment that you liked it.