Thursday, October 22, 2009

Episode 102: Review of Kodak Zi8 HD Video Camera

As a follow up to the Flip cam Mino review, D.Lee Beard reviews the Kodak Zi8 competitor.  Features reviewed: 1080 HD, 5MP Camera, audio quality and external port, image stabilization, screen size, HDMI output, and more.

Click Here to Play Episode 102: Kodak Zi8 Review


techboi53 said...

Excellent and timely review since I was interested in purchasing this model.You convinced me to buy!

Jhony said...

Received this camera a few days ago. Video quality is fantastic. The image stabilization works but don't expect miracles. I've had no sound issues. Low light performance seems quite reasonable. Easy to operate. Just copied files to my mac and played.

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D.Lee Beard said...

Jhony, I agree with you, that while the image stabilization feature can help save some video it won't work miracles.