Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Episode 100: Skype 2.8 Review - Skype Screen & Video Phoning

Brandon Jackson returns for the 100th episode of Ask the Techies to join D.Lee Beard in explaining how to share your computer screen with a fellow computer user remotely using the free Skype application and service. This works on both Windows and Macs and between Windows and Mac OS X and can be a great way of offering and receiving technical support. They also show how to use Skype to video and audio phone people for free (who also sign up for Skype), in addition to the paid phoning landline phones service that Skype offers. This Skype review is 13min 08 sec - recorded 10-2009.

Click Here to Play Episode 100: Skype 2.8 Review in HD


techboi53 said...

Great to see Brandon again.Very informative video on Skype D.Lee.How bout a windows7 how to when it releases in 2 weeks?

gogoe said...

Very small but pretty cool.I purchase before 2 months. and i felt it is more better than other product in the market.

r4 dsi

D.Lee Beard said...

The new Mac OS Snow Leopard's iChat program provides better video and file sharing especially since the newest version is limited to 300kbps upload speed which helps it do better on slower internet connections for upload times (something that is always much slower than download speeds.