Monday, March 13, 2006

Episode 24: Photoshop Batch Processing

This video demonstrates how to make Photoshop perform repetitve tasks on larger groups of photos. If you have ever used a program like iPhoto or Galerie to create a web page gallery of photos, you will notice that the images are not compressed as well as Photoshop can do. We show you how to take an exported photo gallery and use Photoshop to compress ALL of the images with just a few clicks making your file sizes smaller and faster to download for your viewers.

At the end, we also give you a Mac Keyboard tip on copying files & creating a shortcut in a different location than the original.

These videos are in the H.264 Quicktime 7 format. They are also available in a lower quality .mp4 format as well via the "Ask the Techies (Mp4 Video Podcast)? Send us an e-mail at We love hearing from viewers!

Episode 24: Photoshop Batch Processing

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